The Recipe of Self

The 9th day of Reverb 15 presented by Kat McNally and the prompt is:

As you may know, the theme of this year’s Reverb reflective writing challenge is Alchemy. This was my word for 2015 but it has been so rich and evocative that I may just keep it for life.

Just the idea of Alchemy makes me curious.

Like, what if you had to give someone a recipe for how to make a YOU?

What major ingredients would be required? What method would you recommend?

How would your je ne sais quoi be recreated?


As I mentioned in a previous post, I often think of life in terms of cooking. When I read this prompt, I expected the words to burble up in response….. they did, but it wasn’t what I was anticipating. There wasn’t a wonderful old recipe card handed down through loving hands, tattered at the edges, splashed with ingredients from work in progress, crossed out and refined over time, with notes in different hands on outcomes and adjustments or additions that added to the final results. No kitchen related inference at all. A kaleidoscope was gently placed in my hands.

Kaleidoscopes have been magic for me always. I have a small collection of them that I visit and enjoy in odd moments. They reveal a continually unfolding world and I’m guessing that is what I’m being invited to know about myself. It is the visual expression of an active process always transforming into something new, it can’t be held in one place.

Looking at the kaleidoscope from the ‘other’ end, one sees bits and pieces that seem to have no relationship to the colorful patterns seen from the viewing end. Shards of experiences, beliefs old with use or new with discernment, jumbles of quirky bits, some sharp and dark others transparent, unexpected additions, found objects washed up from daily practices as well as bits newly revealed by cleansing and discarding, all rattling around in a miscellaneous, unremarkable jumble.

Looking through the lens end is where creation reveals itself… art flowing out in mingled experiences, newly revealed shifts in understanding, brilliance and shadow dancing together.  There are some luminous colors, deeply reflective surfaces, smokey mystery, inspirational reflections and multifaceted buoyant hope that surfaces frequently. They are all dancing together in unexpected combinations. Bits that light shines through, blending, altering, transforming, illuminating. And all of it a magnification and expansion of the light shining through it.

My life is about the magnification and expansion of the brilliance of the light that is available to shine through all the accumulated pieces of this lifetime.


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  1. What a perfect description of you!


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