Radical Acts of Love

Day 10 of Reverb15 and today’s prompt comes from the beautiful Julia Inglis aka Sacred Familiar. Julia and her husband Tony live in a magical forest, sharing grandmother’s medicine with the world.

Julia writes:

When we heal our spirits the ripples are felt from the highest branches to the deepest roots of our family trees.

What radical act of love or non-conformity did you embrace this year?

How did performing this alchemy affect your ancestors and what is the gold waiting to be shared with future relations?


This year I began to identify myself as a ‘Professional Tarot Reader’. There are parts of me that still feel the need to lie down in a darkened room after typing that.

Tarot isn’t a new addition to my life. I recently came across the beginnings of my first tarot deck that date from the late 60s/early 70s. Tarot has waxed and waned in my life with some very big moon high tides and some long slow recedings.. but always in the background, quietly, shared with a carefully chosen few.  Over the past four or five years the tide has turned into a tsunami that has left no part of my life unaltered….maybe it’s been more like the Nile in ancient Egypt flooding the delta, washing away debris and fertilizing the whole area.

I am still leaning into the nuts and bolts of the business end of ‘Professional Tarot Reader’. This is another place in my life that has called forth the decision to begin, simply begin where I am and allow the next steps to unfold and refine.  The process of being visible in this way also seems to be an act of radical self love.

I’ve tried to allow this alteration of identity to seep slowly into my family’s consciousness. No kick off party, no balloons or streamers…. just the casual mention of a scheduled reading or the altering of plans to accommodate my appointment commitments. The identity shift was mostly unremarked upon, seemingly unnoticed by the family.  I knew the message was soaking into the roots of the family tree when friends and acquaintances of family members began requesting readings. The change is identifiable more from the reflection of those outside the family than from within.

There is a shifting around to make room for this new aspect of self in the mental family photo album. One can see that some are leaning away from it, while others are slipping an arm around the shoulders of the newly revealed expanded self. You can almost hear the shuffling of feet and jostling around as comfortable places are being located by the larger group. Mostly it is the younger members of the family that come close to see what this family newness looks like, how it feels and most of all, how they can see their own reflection in naming and claiming who they are.


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  1. This post, my dear friend, is exactly why I’m so delighted you’ve begun blogging.


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