Alchemy and Serendipity

Today’s prompt comes from Jennifer Williams-Fields. Jennifer is a true inspiration as she glides and stumbles through life as a single mum to six kids, yoga teacher, fitness instructor and writer. Her book Creating a Joyful Life: The Lessons I Learnt from Yoga and my Mom was published this year to great acclaim.

Jennifer writes:

While alchemy is the active process of creating something of value, serendipity is the passive path to finding an unexpected treasure.

Looking back through 2015, what did you diligently try to create?

What great thing did you just happen to find?


Reverb 15 Day 8…. a whole week of writing!

A new adventure for me, an unexpected surprise…. the alchemy and serendipity of setting an intention/goal (begin a blog), telling someone else about it (a dear and supportive friend who also is a blogger Deborah Weber), as a result of said friend’s help, taking some steps (for me this looked like taking a class in blogging) and then doing nothing. Not just a little nothing… I mean absolutely nothing. Fast forward some nine months, Kat’s reminder that it is almost Reverb time arrives. Then the first prompt arrives. I find myself going back to the beginning steps I worked on all those months ago and it is happening! I am actually doing it! Now, it is a week or so later….it continues to be happening.

Alchemy and Serendipity….are they different? Does one create space for the other? Do they happen in a certain order? Connecting the dots is one of my super powers. I can see patters and similarities in all manner of things, weaving them into oneness. I see Alchemy and Serendipity as inextricably part of one another. Each provides a bit of a different doorway, both lead to Magic.

Thank you Jennifer. Your prompt has all sorts of Magic queuing up for me to remember and celebrate.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. I am delighted beyond words that you’re blogging Corky – I’m so glad you took the plunge. Your voice is one we most definitely need to be hearing. I love the idea of alchemy and serendipity being woven together – it’s magical.


  2. hafong says:

    You are doing fabulously. Words hold magic for me.



  3. Congratulations on a fabulous blog! I like the connection you draw between alchemy and serendipity.


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