Fav Selfie

It is day five of Reverb 15 hosted by Kat McNally and the prompt is to show a favorite selfie.  This was unexpectedly a bit more challenging than anticipated.  Going through my vast number of photographs, I see that my presence is behind the camera more often than in front.

Just in time to have a reflection of myself for reflecting over the past year, I recently began a short course in selfies given by Vivienne McMaster who is a wonderful guide to the exploration of cultivating self love through self portraiture.

Beginning a Selfie practice
Beginning a Selfie practice

5 Comments Add yours

  1. I LOVE that photo – it’s perfect!


  2. Such a nice sharing! Thanks for the link to the crash course on self-portraiture!


  3. Love the photo, I too am usually behind the camera instead of in front of it. Peace.


  4. Fil Campbell says:

    How perfect for this reflection time


  5. JyllianM says:

    I love your curly hair! And I’m often behind the camera too. I have years where there aren’t any pictures of me–I can’t show my daughter what I looked like at her ages much at all. Your selfie was wonderful in the use of the mirror –a great metaphor for the whole of reverb.


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