Today is day four of Reverb 15 and the prompt is about replenishing our resources.

Such an important question….How do we keep our well full so we can flow forth into the world through our chosen focus? As I roll this question around in my head/body/heart waiting to see who will answer, I find it bubbling up from a conversation shared with friends last night regarding my focus for the holidays .

The replenishing practice is using intention to shift my focus.

In the pause between Thanksgiving dinner and the beginning of the next week, I found myself mentally reviewing a long list of to-dos, obligations, responsibilities and want-to-dos, all clamoring for attention in the few intervening weeks between Thanksgiving and the Christmas celebration with beloved family. The list review was accompanied by pervasive feelings of anxiety, guilt, weariness, general discontent and overwhelm. Observing this bleak landscape stretching out ahead of me I decided not to participate. I made the decision to Commit To Joy. With that choice I could feel myself filling with new energy and excitement for the upcoming holiday preparation. Choosing to commit to Joy means if it isn’t lighting me up, I have permission not to do it. It means that I orient myself to Joy in each choice and decision. For me, it also means releasing a host of inner judgements (loudly expounded upon by my inner Greek Chorus) about what things should look like, what my responsibilities are, what things have been in the past and of course, what kind of person I am.

Shifting my perspective/intention to Choosing Joy includes a mindfulness practice. I am paying attention, noticing how I’m feeling, reorienting my compass to Joy, walking a new path, remembering. One of the unfolding surprises (and joys) is the continuing flow of energy within me and radiating out into the world around me.


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  1. I can’t think of a better way to replenish, nor a finer thing to commit to. Joy is one of my favorite guiding principles, and it delights me endlessly that you’re a devotee as well.


  2. You have helped light my way…..Blessings


  3. sharah says:

    I keep running across this theme of people feeling overwhelmed by obligations this time of year, and how they handle it. Thank you for sharing this! I’m going to be thinking about my own response and how I deal with my own feelings over the next few weeks.


  4. That’s a brave choice, and it sounds like an exhilarating one! I wish you all the best with it.


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