The Blog Begins…..

The Blog Begins…. I’ve always loved A.A.Milne’s use of capitalized words to give importance and gravitas to the conversations of his characters in the hundred acre woods. I am borrowing his tool as well as the tongue-in-cheek humor that accompanies it.

Blogs have enriched my life, introduced me to new ideas, points of view, sparked my imagination and afforded a peek into the lives of many wonderful creatives. I was never sure what I’d write about in a blog…I’m still not. However I am teetering at the edge of December and somewhere in the dim mists of January or February I felt the nudge to begin a blog. In an effort to look like I was taking action, I took a class on blogging and promptly got overwhelmed with the nuts and bolts of the process. I also wanted it to be perfect, beautiful and well thought out as it went out into the world.  A goal that seemed far removed into some elusive future time of competence and expertise.

So here I am, dangling my toes over the edge of the last month of the year. No perfect. No beautiful. And well-thought-out caught a bus for parts unknown without saying good-by. The new plan is to begin…. just begin. I’m hanging on to a permission slip that allows changing things up as I go along….perhaps perfect and beautiful will join us from time to time but I’m not holding out much hope of seeing well-thought-out again….. and so the magic begins.


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  1. I for one am delighted you’ve taken the leap. And if I may say so, we don’t need perfection, we need your voice and energy and wonderful perspective.


  2. Oh thank you for that wonderful vote of confidence!


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