Lists and Prayers

“Maybe lists are like prayers” wrote Andrea Scher in 2003 and here it is again as inspiration for Day 1 of #Reverb 15 that is being hosted by the talented Kat McNally. At the close of last year I read the collections of posts responding to #Reverb 14 and wondered about one day trying my hand at it… . Reverb is an opportunity to muse over the past year and begin to look into what may be calling you for the coming year. This year the theme is Alchemy… how magic is that?


I like the idea that we may be participating in prayer in unexpected ways. That dialog with the Divine permeates all of our activities, that our hearts are in secret communications with Life and Life breaths back the answers we didn’t know we desired. I find a sense of confidence building when I think of lists in that way.

I also like the idea of peeking onto lists as a way of eavesdropping on that conversation. I thought the idea and function of Lists might be interesting to peruse as well

Lists can make me weary…. Lists can inspire…. Lists can fill tomorrow with yesterday’s questing….Lists can speak of where you have been……Lists can give form to creativity…..Lists can bring order…..Lists can clarify….Lists can remember…. Lists can gather…… Lists can incubate…..Lists can contain the chaos….Lists can quiet the mind…..Lists can provide a safe harbor….. Lists can wonder….. Lists can calm…. Lists can focus…


My lists speak of nurturing and planning for the care of my family of companions.

My lists speak of inspiration made manifest.

My lists reveal the blessing and celebration of heart connections.

My lists speak of invitation and gratitude.

My lists are grow-lights for possibility

And now, every list of tending and tasks, ideas and plans, every trip to the hardware store, grocery store or needlework store will be recognized for what it is… a pilgrimage of the heart.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. ‘Grow-lights for possibility’ – wonderful!


  2. A pilgrimage of the heart – oh yes indeed!


  3. Joy says:

    This is simply beautiful! Each line speaks straight to my heart. Thank you!


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